Box trailer truck

What exactly is a box trailer?

The walls and rear doors of a box trailer, box van trailer, box trailer truck, or van trailer are substantial and lockable. These provide a high level of protection. It is one of the most prevalent trailer types in the industry of road transportation.

Box trailers are utilized by the world’s largest retailers due to their secure cargo compartments. The majority of non-perishable food items, clothing, and household goods are shelved in the rear of a box van trailer.   

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Why a transport box?

When transporting high-value products or cargo that requires protection from the elements, a box trailer truck is the best option. Here, aluminium, steel, or a combination of both are utilized to clad robust box section structures. This structure produces a lightweight, rigid, and stable container.  

Unloading is quick and simple. The fold-down doors and vertical door frames of box van trailers allow forklift access to the rear of palletized products. These characteristics also provide convenient access to cargo bays for pump truck unloading.


The remarkable fleet of box trailers owned by Avalon includes a variety of aerodynamically designed trailers. These box van trailer trucking services provide improved stability, petroleum savings, and reduce operating expenses. Additionally, Avalon provides several unique options, such as road freight transportation, land transport, and more. Box vehicles with city dimensions, single-deck and double-deck trailers, ready-made trailers, ferry-specification trailers, and other configurations are available.

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