pharmaceutical transportation companies

pharmaceutical transportation companies

Pharmaceutical transportation companies

Avalon provides the logistics and transportation services required for the international transport of pharmaceuticals, medical components, and medical equipment. We have provided pharmaceutical companies with transport solutions for multiple years now, making us one of the best pharmaceutical transportation companies in the UAE. When transporting medical components, our company pays close attention to the safety of the cargo and complies completely with GDP (Good Distribution Practices), international legal standards, and applicable domestic laws. We also Provide refrigerated trailers and road feeder service.

Value Added Services

  • Skilled and IMS-trained manpower
  • Compliance with GDP( Goods Distribution Practices)
  • Live Temperature Monitoring
  • Movement Monitoring
  • Journey Updates
  • On-Time Deliveries

Transportation Types of Medical Goods

The conditions for transporting medicines and medical supplies vary based on their specific types.

The first category includes medical substances. It encompasses natural and synthetic substances of diverse physical and chemical origins. As cargo, the majority of medicinal substances are fragile and sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. For example, medical liquids are packaged in glass aliquot bottles. To maintain cargo safety and mechanical integrity, medical liquids are secured within a vehicle using flexible packaging materials. The second category consists of medical supplies. This category comprises a variety of medical instruments, equipment, materials, reagents, and appliances. During the transport of the aforesaid cargo, quality degradation must be avoided, and exploitation characteristics must be maintained. Medical supplies, such as medical substances, must be precisely marked to ensure safe transport. The third category is medical supplies. The expensive and delicate nature of high-tech equipment necessitates the implementation of transportation requirements.

Benefits Of International Transport Of Medical Components Using Avalon

Each Avalon General Land Transport customer is guaranteed maximum cargo safety during transport, a clear and well-organized delivery system, adherence to the established terms of transportation, and compliance with all technical and sanitary standards thanks to the well-coordinated work of our specialists.

All Avalon Pharma grade trucks and trailers are validated every 3 years, and the refrigeration mechanisms and sensors are calibrated annually as recommended by the WHO to ensure the safe transportation of the pharma products. With 24/7 GPS and temperature monitoring using the latest technologies in the market, Avalon ensures to avoid any foreseen challenges in pharma transport.

Avalon is a single, expert source for a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical transportation services, including international freight forwarding, intermodal scheme development, customs and documentation support, insurance, consulting, project logistics, and logistics.

In addition to a global presence, our company has eight in-house customs agencies that enable us to continuously improve and develop innovative logistics and transport solutions. Avalon coordinates the transportation and storage of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment with dependable transportation service providers.

As one of the leading pharmaceutical transportation companies, they understand the criticality of transporting sensitive medical supplies and medications. Avalon ensures the highest standards of safety, security, and temperature control throughout the transportation process.