Best Cargo Service in Dubai

Best Cargo Service in Dubai

Avalon provides first-rate cargo management services for both passenger belly cargo and freight cargo. With world-class facilities and cutting-edge support technologies for cargo, our handling services and dry cargo operations are diligent and effective. We transport our clients’ cargo efficiently from one location to another, keeping track of its location throughout the journey.

Our Offerings

  • Provision of transport services and equipment
  • Services for import cargo and delivery
  • Customs control services including document processing and administration of anomalies.
  • Services for transit and transfer
  • Services for managing mail including expedited options.
  • Services for managing perishable, hazardous, and expensive goods.
  • Express processing using TIR pass.
nearby cargo service
nearby cargo service

Avalon Logistics

As one of the world’s foremost cargo service providers, Avalon offers a vast array of logistics, lease full transport services and freight forwarding services as part of a comprehensive product portfolio.

Avalon Logistics services

  • Third-party logistics services
  • Project – Cargo Shipment Planning
  • ART – a local and international movement of art installations
  • Expo – logistics and exhibition services
  • Local and international domestic and commercial relocations by a moving company
  • Link – efficient and secure road conveyance

Our Services

  • Complete transport services
  • Serving as an integral business contact between our airline principals and local agents
  • Ensuring that every shipment is followed and delivered to its destination.
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