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When transporting equipment and materials to a new location, you must rely on reliable transportation services. Nevertheless, not all transportation companies are identical. Others specialize in transporting heavy cargo, while others specialize in transporting lighter loads. If you are interested in the latter, you can question if heavy hauling is financially worthwhile.

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Why Is A Heavy-Haul Transportation Company Necessary?

There are several circumstances in which a heavy haul company will perform better than other types of trailer trucking services, including:

  • Construction Equipment : Cranes, bulldozers, and other construction machinery are too big for a standard dry van or flatbed trailer.
  • Building materials: It can be difficult to transport oversized building materials such as steel columns, concrete pilings, and others. Even if they fit in a standard trailer, their weight can be too much for standard vehicles.
  • Limits on Weight : Occasionally, the weight of a load is more important than its bulk. Most vessels have weight restrictions, so you will need to hire a heavy hauling company to transport your goods.

Top Six Benefits Of Hiring a Heavy-Duty Transportation Company

Less Allowing Headaches

Each state and county have its own freight transportation regulations. In addition to permits and documentation for standard shipping, additional permits are required for oversized and overweight loads. If you intend to transport materials through multiple states, this complication will multiply exponentially.

Fortunately, heavy haul trailer trucking services companies can handle these permits on your behalf, allowing you to simply wait for your cargo. Attempting to do everything yourself is not only time-consuming, but you also run the risk of missing a step and having your shipment impounded.

Economically Effective

There are numerous costs associated with managing a fleet of vehicles. First, you must factor in the price of the vehicle itself, as well as maintenance, cleaning, fuel, insurance, and other expenses. In addition, you could need a specialized trailer to transport certain equipment, which will increase your expenses even further.

Overall, it is significantly less expensive to employ a heavy-haul trucking company. Not only are there more vehicles available, but you also do not have to fret about any additional fees.

Access To More Recent Fleet Automobiles And Technology

Trucking companies are constantly attempting to optimize their operations and cut costs. The outcome is more fuel-efficient vehicles, improved routing technology, and easier loading and unloading. Best of all, these advantages can be applied to your business, as you will have access to all of them. In addition, you have access to specialty trucks that you could not be able to obtain from a standard transportation company.

Lower Your Risk

Transporting equipment or cargo from one location to another involves a vast number of variables. If you attempted to ship these items yourself, you would be responsible for all associated risks. What would occur if the vehicle broke down? What happens if your equipment is damaged by inclement weather? What about burglary?

When working with a heavy haul transportation company, you are relieved of these concerns. The company’s insurance and other safeguards provide outstanding peace of mind. Once your load has been loaded onto the truck, you can rest assured that it will arrive securely.

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Escort Vessels Were Provided

Permits aren’t the only logistical hurdle you have to surmount. Additionally, oversized cargoes require escort vehicles to check for clearance issues and alert other motorists. Most states have regulations regarding these vehicles, including the required signage and illumination.

Reduce Time

Since heavy haul trucking companies routinely transport equipment, they know what to do and how to manage various road obstacles. If you endeavored to figure out these logistics on your own, there would be a steep learning curve. Not to mention the time and effort required to obtain permits, licenses, and documentation for your cargo. Your shipment can be delivered significantly quicker than you could on your own.

Do not assign hefty lifting to just anyone. At Avalon, we comprehend the requirements for transporting oversized cargo to their destination. We provide a variety of services to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination on time and in good condition. Contact us today for more information.