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Transporting companies in Dubai can be found in abundance. Strategically located between Asia and Europe, Dubai offers optimal commercial conditions. The market for freight and logistics has been expanding consistently, primarily because of the consistent and rapid expansion of e-commerce throughout the entire GCC region and rising international trade. The logistics sector is anticipated to contribute 8% to the economy of the UAE by 2021, up from the current 5.4% contribution. Dubai has initiated initiatives to support the development of its infrastructure and technology with the goal of establishing a well-integrated cargo transport system and an excellent logistics infrastructure in order to foster continuous growth and facilitate trade and e-commerce.

Transporting Companies In Dubai

Have You Transported This Sort Of Item Or Commodity To This Specific Location Before?

Not all transporting companies in Dubai ship all types of products. Some companies specialize in transporting specific products or cargo, such as oversized or temperature-controlled shipments. If a company has previously transported the same or similar products, it will likely be better equipped to manage your shipment. Ask if they have experience transporting your type of products and if there are any special considerations prior to shipping. They are the authorities and should provide you with all the necessary advice.

2. Do You Offer Freight Insurance?

Cargo insurance is a type of insurance that compensates a buyer or seller of products in the event of cargo loss or damage.

The movement of the truck, the incline of the road, the camber of the vehicle, the speed of movement, unexpected pauses, and other factors exert various forces on the cargo during transport on the road. These forces could result in cargo sliding, toppling, and wandering, which could cause severe damage to the cargo and/or other assets. Therefore, the cargo must be adequately secured to withstand these forces.

3. What Precautions Do You Take To Avoid Cargo Damage?

Professional and trustworthy transport companies in Dubai, as elsewhere, should take measures to prevent or reduce the risk of cargo damage. This can substantially reduce financial and operational losses, as well as additional labor and trouble. The conveyance provider could take the following precautions in advance:

  • Utilization of the most suitable container or vehicle for transporting each product. For example, heavy transport cargo requires a container designed to carry weighty objects, whereas food or pharmaceuticals require temperature-controlled trucks.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate lashings and dunnage materials are utilized within the container/truck to prevent the cargo from shifting.
  • Ensure that products that are incompatible are not transported in the same vehicle load, as they could cause damage to one another.
  • If the cargo is vulnerable, appropriate packaging and a route that avoids bumpy streets, for example, should be used.
  • Delivering technology-enabled solutions that enable customers to receive real-time updates on the location and condition of their cargo to prevent any harm and take preventative measures in the event that cargo has been damaged.

4. Do You Have A Network In The Destination Country?

When shipping to a foreign country, it is essential to comprehend what happens to your cargo once it reaches its destination. Who will manage your shipment upon its arrival and ensure that it is delivered on time? If the partner you are working with does not have a physical presence in the country, ensure that they work with reputable agents or partners who will manage the cargo on their behalf.

5. Do You Own Your Own Vehicle Fleet?

Transport companies in Dubai and the UAE either own their vehicles or rent them from a truck supplier to operate their shipping operations. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. As trucks are costly assets, fleet ownership incurs expenses. This is why established, and large transportation companies can typically afford to operate their own fleets.

6. How Long Will The Door-To-Door Shipment Take? Can I Monitor My Package?

The duration of a shipment is one of the most crucial aspects of the supply chain because it affects so many other variables, such as the stock availability in a store. The transport company sometimes is not able to provide an exact arrival date for your shipment, but they should be able to provide a time frame. Tracking options are a great method to keep you in the loop while your shipment is in transit. Not only will you have a more precise idea of when to expect your items, but you won’t have to call the shipping company for updates.

Best Transporting Companies In Dubai

7. What Do I Need To Keep In Mind When Shipping An Over-Dimensional Cargo Transport (ODC)?

Due to their size or weight, ODC shipments, such as massive machinery or large vehicles such as a bus or railway car, require special shipping considerations. Whether it be logistical constraints, trade restrictions, special packaging, customs duties, tax policies, or additional fees, your logistics partner should be able to guide you through the peculiarities of transporting your ODC shipment. If they cannot provide sufficient information or are hesitant to do so, it is likely that the company does not have sufficient experience transporting similar cargo to your destination country.

Avalon¬†is one of the transporting companies in Dubai that provides extensive FCL (full-container-load), LCL (less-than-container-load), and ODC (over-dimensional container) road freight services within the UAE, as well as cross-border transportation, inclusive of customs clearance. We operate our own fleet of trucks, which includes temperature-controlled vehicles and containers for dangerous and non-dangerous liquids and chemicals. Our services include the consolidation and deconsolidation of products, as well as first- and last-mile distribution between ports, factories, warehouses, retailers, and end-consumers. Based on your business’s logistics needs, we will present you with the optimal solution for your organization, and we will strive to develop ever-more-effective means of meeting your transportation requirements in order to achieve cost savings and operational excellence.